best mahadasha for virgo ascendant resim

best mahadasha for virgo ascendantbest mahadasha for virgo ascendant

These people are loving and pure of heart. Virgo Ascendant / Kanya Lagna. Health is not good, there is a possibility of having a son. Married life can improve unless there are severe combinations for bad married life. It has been observed that many divorces happen during antardasha of Mercury in mahadasha of Saturn. If the planet Saturn is placed in the 1st house of Taurus ascendant then it will bring all-around success to the native. Such Saturn mahadasha can be tough to deal with because here 12th house lordship of Saturn can cause havoc in life. Being the lord of the 2nd house, Venus makes Virgo ascendants spiritual, righteous, lucky, and trustworthy. I am a Deck Officer in Merchant Navy but I don't go there anymore ;). As the Lord of the 9th house, it bestows the natives with all earthly pleasures and luxuries. When Saturn is situated in the earth sign Virgo, which is represented by the subtle and calm Virgo, the native is very sensible. Saturn mahadasha can be very severe here if Saturn is not well disposed of in the Horoscope. He has more than 15 years of experience in Indian Vedic astrology and has read more about me, Copyright 2023 The effect of Ketu Mahadasha is intellectual for the Virgo ascendant. What I am stating below are only the general effects of Saturn mahadasha for all ascendant signs. Mother's health may deteriorate. Positive Effects of Jupiter Mahadasha for Virgo Ascendant. His father also helps him. This antardasha of Jupiter remains for two years and six months and during this phase of Saturn mahadasha native feels enlightenment and adopts a new approach in life. Ascendant Sign. Due to Saturn being the ruler of the fifth house, intelligence, soul, memory power, ability to learn, power policy, self-confidence, management skills, devotion to God, patriotism, the sacrifice of a job, ways to get money, the possibility of getting money easily, Vrat represents subjects like son, child, self-respect, ego, etc. As we know, the 6th house indicates diseases, debt and enemy, the lord of the 6th house can bring negative result during the Mahadasha of moon. Being the lord of the fourth house, Jupiter is the land, building, vehicles, friends, partnership, peace, water, public, permanent property, mercy, benevolence, deceit, state of conscience, consumption of aquatic substances, accumulation of wealth, false accusation, rumor. Mars antardasha can be very auspicious for the native provided there is a Dhanyoga in the Horoscope. In such a scenario, Saturn mahadasha will bring good health, a robust mind, good reflexes, an increase in wealth, a rise in status, good marriage, and popularity. The Moon can be detrimental during its administration period for 10 years as it rules over the 6th house. Hence, it is . If you belong to the scorpion ascendant, then the Mahadasha of Mercury is likely to create some nuisance in your life. However, the same moon can be harmful if it is debilitated and afflicted by malefic planets. The eyes of Virgo ascendants exude curiosity but their gaze is short and wandering. If the Moon is conjoined with malefic planets like Mars, Saturn, Rahu, Ketu and Sun, then it will bring a lot of losses to you. In the first, second, fourth, fifth, seventh, ninth, tenth, and eleventh house, Saturn gives auspicious outcomes according to his capability in his Mahadasha-Anterdasha in the rising state. Luck tends to support more than ever and at the same time, natives see a smooth execution in his strategies. The family doesn't support it, one has to face smite in the competition. It is extremely important to perform remedial measures if the planet Moon is ill-disposed, afflicted and debilitated in the birth chart. Their inauspiciousness is removed by doing donations to them in Antara Dasha.Moon is the lord of income house for Virgo ascendants, so it rules over income and knowledge. Use left/right arrows to navigate the slideshow or swipe left/right if using a mobile device, In the horoscope of the Virgo ascendant, Saturn is the lord of the fifth and sixth house. If Mercury is in a good position in the horoscope, then the person will spend money wisely. For following ascendant Moon antardasha in mahadasha of Saturn will give good results: For the rest of the ascendant signs this antardasha of the Moon can tend to cause issues, though depending on many factors, it can be good also. The health of the person is weak. Perfection in wife / conjugal happiness, partnership, and livelihood also, Moon God is going to give problems and problems. But the Sun God located in the sixth, eighth, and twelfth house of the horoscope has the ability to give auspicious results by coming in opposite Raja Yoga, for this it is very important for Mercury to be strong and auspicious. Your email address will not be published. However, the Chandra can be extremely negative if it is posited in its debilitation in Scorpio and afflicted by the malefic planets such Shani, Rahu, Ketu, Sun and Mars. Rather, I said to look at Capricorn and Aquarius signs and which house they are falling at because here our focus is Saturn mahadasha. The native will see a positive change in his mindset and will make efforts to bring positive changes in his life. This process above will determine the core nature of Saturn in the Horoscope and it can either auspicious, inauspicious or something in between also. The mother gets into trouble and does not get the happiness of a house, vehicle, or land. If Saturn is placed in the 1st & 4th house then native will experience great results of Sasa during Saturn mahadasha. However, the Moon can be extremely negative in case it is posited in the debilitation in Scorpio or afflicted by the malefic planets. There is a general thinking that planet Saturn mahadasha can ruin one's life and can cause various kinds of hardships and is hardest among allVimshottri mahadashas. This antardasha of Sun is usually favorable for the following ascendant signs: During this antardasha of Sun in mahadasha of Saturn, native experiences gain from the government and father. So here I am going to take you on a tour where you will learn many parameters while assessing the effects of Saturn Mahadasha. Saturn in its houses (4th and 5th) blesses Libra ascendants with calm and balanced minds. There is one unique rule which applies to the Gemini ascendant is that, when Saturn is debilitated in the 11th house, it will also aspect the ascendant/1st house. Such Saturn mahadasha can make native reckless in his decisions which can backfire and 19 years of Saturn mahadasha can bring immense suffering for the native. However, the Surya Mahadasha can bring beneficial result if it is posited in the own sign in Leo or exalted in the Aries. If Mercury and the fifth lord Saturn form a conjunction here or Venus and Saturn aspect the lord of the ascendant Mercury, then the person gets a special victory in getting money from the public. Lord Saturn will be very appeased with it and will reduce the ill effects of Saturn mahadasha. This aspect of the Moon is causing affliction over Saturn. If you want detailed information about the results and effects of the Sun's Mahadasha for Virgo ascendant, then. Nothing happens but the person remains in illusion. Many times the person is in trouble, he is in trouble, but the disease of the person does not get caught. Knees and spine get most affected and in some cases surgery can also happen. Your knowledge will be redoubled in the Moon Mahadasha duration. Negative Moon Mahadasha and remedial measures. If Mercury is afflicted from somewhere, then the person will keep wasting money on unnecessary things. A very popular remedy for Saturn mahadasha is worshiping of Lord Hanuman and it can be simply done via visiting Lord Hanuman temple every Tuesday and Saturday. Hence, this is the time I mention the remedies for Saturn mahadasha which helps to counter the negative results of it. There will loss of money, business will fall, positions at the workplace will be under threat, enemies will become strong, and native mental conditions can go bad. The total duration of Moon antardasha in mahadasha of Saturn is one year and 11 months. If Moon is conjunct with malefic planets like Mars, Saturn, Rahu, Ketu, and Sun then it will bring you a lot of harm. Result of the Moon Mahadasha for Gemini Ascendant. Hence, the planet Moon is a natural benefic planet for you as you are born with Scorpion ascendant. Use left/right arrows to navigate the slideshow or swipe left/right if using a mobile device, n the horoscope, Virgo falls in the sixth house and the sixth house is considered to be of disease, debt, and enemies. Here I will give you an example where the native saw a significant rise during Mahadasha of Saturn. These two planets i.e Sun and Mercury in 12th house is good and is known as benefic association. If the planet Moon is posited in the Taurus in its exaltation or it is placed in the own sign in cancer, then it is going to be a boon for sure. Interacts with elder brother and sister, benefits are received, the child may remain somewhat ill, wealth increases, and family members get support. The antardasha of Mercury in mahadasha of Saturn is of 2 years and 8 months. It is the lord of the 6th, which is not very good, but the lord of the 5th house is deemed beneficial alongside it. During Saturn mahadasha the significations of 2nd & 3rd house will be in most focus in natives life and these areas are as follows: The general tendency of Saturn mahadasha is negative for Sagittarius ascendant. Native sees trouble from spouse also and if there are combinations for bad marriage in Horoscope then native can face absolute crises in marriage. I could have taken you the other way around where we see the sign rising on the ascendant first. This duration of Venus antardasha in mahadasha of Saturn is the longest one and is 3 years and 2 months. Required fields are marked *. The planet Venus is the lord of the 2 nd and 9 th house. Placement in Aries, Leo, Scorpio, Sagittarius and Pisces is also considered favorable for the Moon Mahadasha. This period of Mercury antardasha can be best described as a period of interest and hobby. It can be extremely damaging when it is conjoined and afflicted by the malefic planets such as Rahu, Ketu, Mars, Saturn and Sun. This is how you can determine the starting and ending point of Saturn Mahadasha, you can do manual calculations for this which have its own different procedure. If malefic planets (Rahu, Mars, Saturn, etc.) Result of the Moon Mahadasha for Taurus Ascendant. Use left/right arrows to navigate the slideshow or swipe left/right if using a mobile device. , you can know in detail about Ketu Mahadasha in Virgo. Natives' effort to bring such changes will be a success or failure depending on the condition of planet Saturn in the Horoscope. The fear of accidents remains. This span of 120 years is divided into mine parts belonging to each planet and these nine parts are called Mahadasha - the Main time period. Since Moon is the lord of the 11 th house, it rules over the income and knowledge of the native. Mother and wife's health remains bad. Best placements are 1,4,5,7,9,10 & 11. . If Saturn is placed in 3rd, 4th, 10th, and 11th house and is under aspect of Jupiter or Moon then native will see a rise in wealth, increase in status, promotion, expansion in business, and stable marriage. The person also appears more social. His mental peace remains completely disturbed. The profession of the native remains good, there is a possibility of starting a new work. However, there is silver lining for you. If you are into business, your business will get redoubled during the Mahadasha of Chandra. The association of Mercury, Moon, or Venus with Saturn will be making the situation better, and native can reach the status of ultra success and can become a leader among the masses. If talking in terms of zodiacs, the most beneficent ascendants in budh Mahadasha are Gemini, Taurus, and Virgo. Which means the general tendency of Saturn is a bit negative. Ruchaka Yoga: Is It The Best Of Panch Mahapurush Yoga? There are 9 planets and 9 Mahadasha that takes place in the life of human being according to the Calculation of Vimshottari Mahadasha system based on Parashar astrology. Problems increase when it comes to a low zodiac, there is a possibility of staying away from the family. Gaining profits from businesses and partners does not constitute a commission. If the Buddha is weak or not in an auspicious position, the results are negative even after working hard. Similarly, the position of the Moon in the ascendant, 4th, 5th, 7th, 9th and 10th house can bring spectacular result during its Mahadasha. So if you are born in Virgo Ascendant then you will hardly get anything in life without competition. The luck of the native favors him. So here it is important you see affliction and planetary strength of Saturn before making any conclusion on Saturn mahadasha effects. Result of the Moon Mahadasha for Aries Ascendant. Venus Mahadasha for Virgo Ascendant If you are born with Virgo ascendant and running through the Mahadasha of auspicious Venus, then you will touch high level of success during this Dasha. The planet Moon must be very powerful in the natal chart in order to get success in life. There is benefit from the father, the person does not follow the religion, and there is wasteful expenditure and foreign travel. Due to the impact of Virgo Ascendant, you have the ability to fight conflicts because this zodiac sign is considered to be an earth element, so it is able to overcome the circumstance. Money keeps on coming.The person gets complete happiness of land, house, vehicle, and mother by coming in the high zodiac Sagittarius in the fourth house. Since Moon is the ruler of the 11th house, it rules the revenue and knowledge of the native. In the 4th house, Sasa Yoga will form and the results of Sasa Yoga will manifest in Saturn mahadasha. Use left/right arrows to navigate the slideshow or swipe left/right if using a mobile device, If Mercury is with Ketu here, then the person is a high-class enemy killer. Expenditure in the hospital, wasteful expenditure, does not get the support of the family. Such people have great communication skills as Jupiter expands Virgo. The loss of job and business will be the part of the natives life during the period of Moon. Enemies will be active in such Saturn mahadasha and will be able to harm the native. I will rank antardasha of Ketu as number one in terms of negativity. For Taurus ascendant, the effects of Saturn mahadasha are generally good provided Saturn is not debilitated in the Horoscope or in navamsha. The person is an atheist and remains angry with his father. Also, as soon as his Saturn Mahadasha ended he saw bankruptcy. Saturn is very well placed in his 4th house in the sign of Taurus and has no affliction over it. The auspicious Moon will bring happiness from children, houses and material success for the native running through the Mahadasha of Moon. Being a friend of the Sun God, Jupiter is considered a benefic planet. Vijayashree comes to hand after a lot of tough work in the competition. The planet Moon will bring social status, power and authority over others. Work comes to the verge of closure. Such Saturn mahadasha can bring all kinds of hardships in native life especially in Saturn, Jupiter, Rahu, and Ketu antardasha. Choosing a selection results in a full page refresh. Again, I will remind you of the very important rule of planetary strength and affliction. Same time there will loss of money and position at the workplace and business. VimshottariDasha is considered to be the most important Dasha in Hindu astrology and in this Dasha, there are 120 years. There will be good health and the native will overcome his current health issues and will see a transformation in his physical and mental health. Result of the Moon Mahadasha for Pisces Ascendant. Many times such people have diseases that cannot be caught. Let's use the same birth details which I have mentioned previously i.e 15-12-1988, 08:30, New Delhi. The weak Chandra Mahadasha can make the life a hell if it is not prevented by means of remedies. The beneficial Moon can be extremely good during its administration period, while the malefic Moon can be extremely harmful. The weak Moon Mahadasha can also develop the suicidal tendency if it is afflicted. Here we can see that Capricorn sign is falling at 2nd and Aquarius sign is falling at 3rd house. The moon deity is the lord of the eleventh house in this Lagna Kundli, but because of the extreme enemy of the ascendant Mercury, the Moon is considered the Marak planet of the Kundli. When Ketu is situated in the earth sign of Virgo, it gives a lot of mystery and secrecy to the native. , you can know in detail about Moon Mahadasha for Virgo Ascendants. Horoscope Saturn's strength is enhanced by wearing Sapphire, the gem of Saturn lying in the setting state with the Sun in any house. Undoubtedly, such a person is an enemy killer. However, you can heave a sigh of relief if the planet Moon is posited in the beneficial houses like ascendant, 9th and 10th house. The native can be highly successful in managerial and administrative job during the phase of Moon. During Venus, antardasha loss of a job can happen if the 10th house is weak or afflicted. There is also a possibility of staying away from the native's house.There is always some tension. In other houses i.e 2nd and 6th house, Saturn mahadasha may cause issues in marriage and troubles from enemies. Hence, it is not a suitable planetary period for you. Here, due to Jupiter being situated in the eighth house, the health of the mother and wife remains bad. Some tension or the other remains in the Mahadasha of the Sun. There is a possibility of foreign settlement. Through Astrology Phone Consultation, you can know in detail about Saturn Mahadasha in Virgo Ascendant. Frequent abroad travel and luxury life abroad can be witnessed by the native. The person is very hardworking, and mighty. The mind of the person remains restless. Virgo is a friend of Ketu. Obstacles go away. Such Saturn mahadasha can bring a promotion or expansion in business easily plus new opportunities can come which can set native for 19 years of Saturn mahadasha. Vijayashree comes to hand after a lot of hard work in the competition. In this Horoscope planet Saturn is placed in 12th house with 9th lord Sun and 7th and 10th lord Mercury. Hello all! Gemini ascendants should wear Green Emerald. Happiness and prosperity remain in married life, benefits are derived from partnership work, and relations with their father are good, Jatak is a believer and travels abroad. We all know Megastar Shri Amithab Bacchan who rose from nothing to stardom. This will create ample opportunities for income.But, it is very important that the Moon should not be weak or debilitated in the third house and should not be afflicted by malefic planets. Cancer ascendants should wear Seawater pearls. Sun is the most powerful planet and brings the same power in your life in this Mahadasha. However, one can expect excellent result if the planet Moon is posited along with Auspicious Mercury, Venus and Jupiter. This will bring monetary loss, dispute among the members of the family, loss of parental property and other difficulties in life. In Virgo Ascendant, Jupiter is the lord of the fourth house. Moon Mahadasha as per Vedic astrological calculation happens for 10 years in almost everybodys life. blessed dynamic catholic, thanksgiving day parade brunch, morris hills high school death 2021,

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best mahadasha for virgo ascendant

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best mahadasha for virgo ascendant